On the date of September 16th until 17th, 2017 has been held English Camp Vol.02 with the theme “Lets Break The Limits” by D3 Nursing Blitar Prodi to develop the self potential of D3 Nursing Blitar students in academics, especially English and expected. With the theme students are able to learn english unlimited and without stopping

Often people in Indonesia feel ashamed to be able to speak English directly in front of the crowd, many reasons that arise one of them is SHY. While in Indonesia there are many regional languages, especially English for forest in the health field like us, English is very important to support learning in class and when we practice inside or outside the country.

Especially in the field of health sciences, health sciences in the field is growing fast every day because we carry knowledge in the field of health, especially nursing, students in the field of nursing are required to think critically, logically in the field. health around the world, understanding English is very important

This activity is more interesting every year because at the english camp event brings native speakers. This time,  english camp event presents 3 native speakers who come from United States and 1 from Bulgaria, and there is also one speaker from Indonesia. This event held two days.

This event is focused on how we can know the culture of foreign countries, especially the United States and Bulgaria, and do not forget we are learn how to speak English without knowing the grammar first and then guess what the words , this game is very exciting. and the last show is shows the talents of each group in front of native speakers

expected this event can provide excellent benefits for D3 Nursing Blitar students and will take place in the next year and more rousing from the previous year with more participants.